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Shree Gramkalyan Lower Secondary School

Shree Gramkalyan Lower Secondary School

Located in the remote village of Nuang in Lamjung, Shree Gramkalyan Lower Secondary School has been teaching the young people of the region upto the middle school for many decades. The makeshift tin roof of the school would constantly blow up due to extreme spring/summer winds risking the life of its students and teachers. The school’s management group approached the MIT Group Foundation for financial assistance to ask for help to repair the roof in 2015 AD. 

When the founders of the MITGF, Mr. Shesh Ghale and Ms. Jamuna Gurung visited the school, they realized it was not only the rood that needed immediate attention. With the expertise of East West Engineering Service (EWES), the new building now named Shree Gramkalyan Udim-Devi Kumari Ghale Memorial Building was inaugurated on October 4, 2015, in honor of the mother and late father of Mr. Ghale. Ms. Devi Kumari Ghale is now the patron of the school.

This is one of the projects that not only got completed within the budget of NRP 6.9 million of which MITGF contributed NRP 4.4 million (approx AU $ 55,000) but also on time. The project involved construction of a two-storey school building housing 8 classrooms that will also serve as a meeting place for the community. 

Similarly in 2016, MITGF contributed around AUD 15,000 for the purpose of teacher training and education materials. 

Our sister organization MITGF Nepal was a partner for this project.