Our Founders


Shesh Ghale

Chief Executive Officer – MIT Group Holdings/MIT
President - NRNA (Non Resident Nepali Associations) Special Envoy to the Government of Nepal


Mr. Ghale Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Melbourne Institute of Technology and MIT Group Holdings. Mr. Ghale also built a substantial Commercial property portfolio including hotels in Australia and Nepal. He is recognised widely as a successful migrant entrepreneur, social worker and philantropher.

Late last year Mr. Ghale and his wife established the MIT Group Foundation to support under privileged and vulnerable communities through education and health, an effort to raise economic and social development of most deprived communities.

Following this they announced that they would donate NPR one billion to MIT Group Foundation to its local subsidiary foundation; MIT Group Foundation, Nepal, in order to improve sustained social and economic development of vulnerable communities in Nepal, through Education and Health.

In 2013 Mr. Ghale was elected as the President of the NRNA, (Non Resident Nepali Association) of Nepali diaspora with more than 70 chapters around the globe. The mission of this organisation is ‘For Nepali by Nepali’ and promotes social and economic development of Nepal by promoting investment opportunities in Nepal.

In June, 2015 the government of Nepal appointed him as the Special Envoy in order to mobilise resources to help rebuild a resilient Nepal.



Jamuna Gurung

Managing Director – Melbourne Institute of Technology
Director – MIT Group Holdings


Ms. Gurung, Managing Director and Co-founder of Melbourne Institute of Technology and MIT Group Holdings with her husband. Ms. Gurung together with her husband built a substantial Commercial property portfolio in Australia and Nepal. She is recognised as a very successful women entrepreneur and social worker; and is passionate about ‘Impact Giving’.

Both Mr. Ghale and Ms Gurung have a strong dedication to education and health for the under privileged. They believe and promote a sustained economic and social growth through entrepreneurship and continue to work constantly towards ways of improving the lives of many.

Whilst both Mr Ghale and Ms Gurung have worked hard at building their wealth, they have recognised the need to give back to the society they live in, and have acknowledged that there is much that they can do.