Donation Raised for Laprak Model Settlement via M Festival

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M Festival was organised on 26 March 2017 in Victoria Australia by Solangture. The festival aimed to raise money to help build Laprak Model Settlement in Gorkha, Nepal - via promotion of Nepali music, food and a showcase of multiculturalism.

A group of volunteers worked tirelessly collecting Gold Coin Donations for Laprak Model Settlement at the Festival. The festival had two designated marquees for donation collection and volunteers also walked around the festival with buckets to collect loose change. They collected a total of AUD 6400.

In a separate marquee, a group of passionate cooks and volunteers got together to set up a momo (Nepali dumplings) stall under the banner of Base Camp Restaurant with guidance from Keshav Kandel (coordinator NRNA SCC Victoria, owner BaseCamp) and Manij Hada (M Festival food stall coordinator). They put up a successful business front (with no prior experience), sold out all their momos and recouped all their overhead expenses. This group raised a total of AUD 800 for Laprak Model Settlement.

On 30th March 2017 - M Festival organiser, Solangture, presented the collected amount of AUD00 to Founder Shesh Ghale and Jamuna Gurung. The additionally raised AUD 800 was transferred to MIT Group Foundation’s donation account.

MIT Group Foundation would like to commend the work of Solangture, and all volunteers including MIT Volunteers for working so tirelessly to raise donations for Laprak Model Settlement.

MIT Group Foundation is very grateful to all who reached deep down in their pockets and donated for the cause.

The Foundation gives its best wishes to M Festival in the coming years in its aim of promoting Nepali food, music and multiculturalism in Australia and beyond.